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  1. xThauron

    Counting rabbits...

    9th Rabbit with red hair
  2. xThauron

    Hey guys

    Hello there! I am sure that it will be amazing to know your dog <3
  3. xThauron

    Counting rabbits...

    Rabbit 7th :P
  4. xThauron

    Counting rabbits...

    Rabbit 5
  5. xThauron

    Helper application format and requirements

    Requirements: - You have to be at least 15 years old and you need to be mature, - You need to have access to working microphone, - Your activity on the network should be over 2 hours per day, - You should have great knowledge of rules and regulations, - You must have premium minecraft account...
  6. xThauron

    The history of your nickname

    xThauron, just another name of Sauron from my favourite book - The Lord of The Rings.
  7. xThauron

    Counting rabbits...

    Rabbit 2
  8. xThauron

    Server Rules

    General Provisions 1.1 - Ignorance of the Rules does not exempt you from the obligation to follow them. 1.2 - The server has an exemplary List of Penalties 1.3 - Player disagreeing with terms and conditions set out in the Rules cannot partake in play in the server. 1.4 - Copying and using...

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