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Server Rules

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General Provisions

1.1 - Ignorance of the Rules does not exempt you from the obligation to follow them.
1.2 - The server has an exemplary List of Penalties
1.3 - Player disagreeing with terms and conditions set out in the Rules cannot partake in play in the server.
1.4 - Copying and using these Rules without author’s agreements is forbidden according to the Law on Copyright.
1.5 - Forum reserves the right to change the Rules at any time without informing the players of the changes in advance.
1.6 - the List of Penalties is merely exemplary, the Administration may designate any punishment based on the situation.
1.7 - It is forbidden to propagate pornography, Nazism, racism, or anything else commonly considered to be unethical.
1.8 - The Administration reserves the right to administer punishment in unusual situations for something that isn’t taken into account in the Rules.


2.1 - It is forbidden to type with capital letters only (CapsLock)
2.2 - It is forbidden to overuse special characters for visibility in the general chat.
2.3 - Vulgar language in any form will be punished
2.4 - It is forbidden to insult other players or server Administration on the server
2.5 - It is forbidden to spam (send multiple messages in a very short time-span) in general chat or private messages.
2.6 - Do not ask questions related to common knowledge about Minecraft in the private messages for Administration.
2.7 - It is forbidden to ask Administration for items/coin.
2.8 - It is forbidden to ask for unbans for other players.
2.9 - Try to communicate in proper English.
2.10 - It is forbidden to advertise other servers or websites than SkyLore.net Server Network.
2.11 - It is forbidden to beg, ask for donations etc.

Gameplay on the server

3.1 - The Administration is not liable for lost items.
3.2 - It is forbidden to use mods or bugs that support the player.
3.3 - Stealing, scamming, killing or any other actions that lead to taking over other player’s items will be strictly punished.
3.4 - Accusations towards another player without accompanying evidence will not be considered.
3.5 - Lost items won’t be restored, even if the responsible player is punished.
3.6 - It is forbidden to create starting islands in order to get free items.
3.7 - It is forbidden to organize events without prior agreement of Administration.
3.8 - It is forbidden to teleport a player to another player’s island, the exceptions are the island’s owner and players in the party.
3.9 - It is forbidden to trespass on another player’s island without their agreement.
3.10 - It is forbidden to organize item auctions, storage wars, roulettes etc.
3.11 - Being AFK (Away From Keyboard) for an extended period of time without exiting the server will be punished.
3.12 - Any player may have no more than 1 account on the server.
3.13 - It is forbidden to exchange game’s virtual currency or items for money or real items.
3.14 - It is forbidden to possess items that are forbidden during servers standard play, so called “items from GM 1”.
3.15 - it is forbidden to create a Wither boss and to possess Wither skeletons’ heads.
3.16 - Any person that knows of other players breaking the rules is obliged to inform the Administration; in the case of not informing the Administration, such a person will be punished the same as the player breaking the rules.

The Administration reserves the right to bend the rules in order to fulfill their function efficiently.

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